Dear Business Owners

Owners and Managers of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are reluctant to hire consultants and even approach consultants when it comes to consultancy services, and they often have good reasons to do so. They do not see an appropriate value for the money and time they invest on consulting – especially since the quality and range of such services varies dramatically.

Therefore, the first questions for the SME owner or manager are: Do I really need a consultant? Do I want external help, and if so who is the right one for my company in light of the weaknesses I see?

Business Clinic is designed to help the SME’s get comprehensive consultancy services necessary for their business development with the minimum cost, time and effort in exchange of high value services that will contribute in the efficiency and effectiveness of their businesses, in terms of their operations and profitability.

The main objective of Business Clinic program is to provide consultancy services for a minimum of 100 companies every year.

What sets Business Clinic Program apart from other business development programs is that the companies will be involved in each process of their business improvement.

This will be done through monthly events, group workshops, and one-to-one advisory sessions.