Welcome to IBDAA HUB Training Center

Professional training & certifications with the world renowned training center, now in Bahrain. Challenge your limitless potentials and grow in this ever-challenging world of business and technology. IBDAA HUB Training Center, caters your training & learning requirements. Offering varieties of certifications in Business and IT. Our experienced and qualified lecture panel supported by a wonderful customer support team on the ground is able to help you or your organization achieve quality, perfection and integrity. We are able to deliver the best certifications, licensing, chartered qualification or even an academic qualification for you to grow in life and business.


Our Mission

Enable firms within the private and the public sectors to achieve and maintain their competitive advantage in a global environment that is highly competitive and complex.


Our Vision

Empower Bahraini workforce to undertake jobs that would generate high value added.


Our Values

IBDAA HUB staff work with individuals and organizations in a way that reflects universally shared values.

  • Experiential Learning
  • Ethical use of power
  • Creation and dissemination of new knowledge and practice
  • Diversity
  • Continuous learning
  • Colleagueship and Service
  • Organizational excellence and quality